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In Braga, March 2020 is a month filled with a big event and filled with many emotions. For 8 days Braga will live a unique experience in life with people from all over Europe, and in this equation everyone is welcome to a young and dynamic team.

If you want to be part of this big family that is EMACI 2020 Braga just volunteer and we will live, we promise, a fantastic week.

Minimum age 16 years.

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Registration of underage volunteers

  • EMA - European Masters Athletics
  • FPA - Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo
  • EMACI 2020 Braga
  • EMACI 2020 Braga - Organizing Association

    Address: Estádio 1º Maio | Parque da Ponte | 4711-909 Braga

    Telephone: 00351 924 489 968

    Email: emaci.2020.info@gmail.com